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Know Your People

Operations on 3 continents, serving over 5000 corporate customers, leveraging world-class people, process and technology. We assist our clients to know their people.

Know Who You're Hiring
One of the world's largest background checking companies specializing in pre-employment background checks, including Criminal Record Checks, Reference Interviews, Credit Inquiries and Education Verifications.
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Know What Your People Are Thinking
MoraleCheck delivers a quick and inexpensive alternative to performing morale interviews in-house due to our economies of scale. Employers will get the information they need to analyze attrition and maximize retention.
Know What Your People Won't Tell You
ConcernCheck is a hotline for employees to anonymously report any and all concerns including internal theft, fraud, abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination, violence, and workplace safety issues.
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Know Why Your People Are Leaving
ExitCheck delivers a quick and inexpensive alternative to performing exit interviews in-house. All data is stored securely, and we deliver detailed exit interview information in easy to read reports.
Continuous Employee Feedback:
Pinpoint areas for action by correlating and comparing the results of your employee surveys by MoraleCheck, anonymous tips by ConcernCheck and exit interviews by ExitCheck.
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For well over a decade, Checkwell has been a global leader in the provision of Human Resources Interviewing Services. Through its family of service brands, Checkwell executes over two million transactions annually for thousands of organizations. With four service centres on three continents, Checkwell combines world-class people and technology solutions to gather, assemble and deliver information that assists our customers in making well informed decisions regarding their workforce.  
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